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Both ferrous and non-ferrous metals can and should be recycled. This means you can recycle almost any type of metal, from soda cans to building structures. Some other examples of everyday items that can be recycled include appliances, cars or anything with a motor, and construction equipment. You can even recycle gold & silver in exchange for cash!

Ferrous metals contain iron and are magnetic. They are the stronger type of metal and are often used in the construction of bridges & buildings, and for fences, chains, & nails. This type of metal contains high levels of carbon, making it susceptible to rust. Some examples of ferrous metals include cast iron, wrought iron, and carbon steel.

Non-ferrous metals do not contain iron and are not magnetic. This type of metal is not as strong as those with iron but instead is more flexible. The flexibility of non-ferrous metals makes them frequently used materials for gutters, food storage, and jewelry. Non-ferrous metals are also not likely to rust. Some examples of non-ferrous metals include stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and tin.

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Before you recycle it’s important to know what type of metal you have. Metal items fall into two categories – ferrous or non-ferrous. Because of it’s physical properties, non-ferrous metal are valued higher than ferrous metals; however our fair competitive pricing and customer service make recycling any type of metal a profitable experience. Feel free to give us a call and we can provide you with a quote!

Simply bring your materials and your ID!

In order to recycle metal, you must be 18 or older and bring a valid form of ID with you. Once your metal is weighed up we will pay you cash right there on the spot!

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