This company is well organized and pays well. I have been using them for over a decade and have never had any problems. We have a 40yd scrap it container on site. It is emptied any time we call and the drivers are courteous and pick up any loose material. The second street yard is wild but they pay and weigh with all your weights shown to you upon receipt. I have never had to question the weights all is legitimate. I am very happy with this company!

Gio Poles

They're extremely fair and honest, they never try and hustle you like some of the other yards. They have the highest payout of all the yards in the area. Also, it's always in and out really fast never a long ordeal.

Mohammad Haddad

I’ve been to a lot of scrap yards, but I have to say they have the friendliest employees. They always make my drop quick and easy.

Riley Curtin

I have scrapped a lot of copper lead and steel and they are very helpful and in my experience pay out more than the other scrap yards in the area.

Charles Klauder

It's a little intimidating being a woman and going to a scrapyard. But the staff at Scrap it are always helpful, friendly and professional. So, Girls if you need extra money and know a little bit about scrapping metal go to Scrap It. Their prices are good and they will help you through the entire process.


This was my first time actually bringing in scrap personally. Let me tell you, ... my experience here was nothing but wonderful. Shout out to the guys in yard, they treated me so great in helping and guiding me threw the process. These guys are a 10 in my book. I plan on using this company many more times in the future.

James DeLucca II

Awesome service...great prices...clean place..don't have to worry about flats

Steven Thomas

This is by far one of the best places that I’ve dealt with in the scrap industry for The 40 years that I’ve been in business for, they are the most courteous and helpful people in the business. Wonderful people great prices nice yard .