How Much Will I Get for My Scrap Metal?

Whether you’re a homeowner doing renovations or a professional working on a construction project, you’ll likely end up with a scrap metal collection. Copper wiring from the walls, steel from old sinks, and aluminum parts from household appliances can all be scrapped at Scrap It. How much you’ll get for your scrap metal depends on […]

How Does Scrap Metal Pickup & Removal Service Work?

Are you looking to dispose of your non-ferrous scrap metal and unsure where to turn? Look no further. Our “Weigh & Pay” pickup service was made to simplify the scrap metal disposal process. Broken down into the below three steps, we work with you to turn your metal into money. How It Works Step One: […]

What to Expect When Visiting Our Scrap Metal Facility

Curious what your visit to one of our Scrap It locations might look like? Let’s walk through a typical visit to our scrap yards together. Make sure you bring everything you need Before you head over to one of our scrap metal recycling facilities, make sure you bring your customer identification and all the scrap […]

What Kind of Stainless Steel Can You Scrap?

Stainless steel is a common scrap metal found in everything from household appliances to medical equipment. This scrap metal guide by your Scrap It experts will tell you everything you need to know about getting paid for your stainless steel scrap metal. What is stainless steel? Did you know stainless steel was originally called rustless […]

How to Figure Out the Value of Your Scrap Metal

If you have scrap metal to sell, you may be wondering how to figure out how much money you’ll get by recycling it. The best way to get an accurate estimate is to call your Scrap It experts directly for more information – we’ll make sure you get the most money for your metal! However, […]