What Is A Scrap Metal Roll-off Service?

What if recycling scrap metal were easier than you ever imagined? Sometimes, you have way more metal to recycle than you can fit in a car. At this point, you may think you are either stuck with a bunch of useless scrap laying around your home or business or, worse, stuck with finding a way […]

5 Advantages Of Metal Scrap Recycling

What if you could make some quick cash, and there wasn’t a catch? You probably know you can make money by taking unwanted metal into a scrapyard. However, many people who could make an easy profit don’t go through with it because they don’t think there are enough benefits to gathering the metal and taking […]

Where Can You Sell Your Scrap Metal for the Best Price?

At Scrap It, that’s where. Consider that ancient refrigerator you’re finally replacing. Your municipality will pick it up. Get it off your hands. If you’re lucky, that will cost you nothing. If luck isn’t on your side, you could be charged $30 or so for the city service that will take that old appliance either […]

5 Ways To Make Money From Your Scrap Metal

What if you were surrounded by money and didn’t even know it? If you’re like most people, you probably have some scrap metal laying around. Maybe it’s in the corner collecting dust, or maybe it’s part of a project that you never had time to work on. Either way, the result is that it’s just […]

What Does Metal Get Recycled Into?

You might already know plenty about scrap metal. You know that if you take it to a Scrap It location in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, we’ll pay you for what you might otherwise think of as rubbish. We’ll take that junk you stumble over every time you walk around in your basement, garage, or junk […]

How Much Do Scrapyards Pay For Catalytic Converters?

What if you were sitting on something valuable and didn’t even know it? That’s the case for many who have old catalytic converters laying around in their garages. Outside of a vehicle, these converters don’t do much except take up space. However, if you are willing to take it to a nearby scrapyard, you may […]

How Much Is Scrap Metal Worth, and What Affects Metal Scrap Prices?

Everybody wishes they could find a bunch of extra money sitting around the house. While that rarely happens, those who have scrap metal laying around might be able to easily turn that metal into extra cash. However, the world of scrap metal can often be confusing. Most of the time, first-timers don’t understand how to […]

The Surprising Answer: Can Rusty Metal Be Recycled?

You might not think you’re into “heavy metal.” Nevertheless, if you regularly use aluminum containers (perhaps for soft drinks), you’ll understand how quickly all that metal adds up. What if the metal didn’t have to just pile up, though? In fact, you might not have to throw all those cans out. You might be able […]

Can You Scrap Your Brake Rotors, and How Much Are They Worth?

Scrapping is a great way to turn unwanted metals into dollars in your pocket. At Scrap It, we help people turn their metal into money. As we work with new clients, we often receive questions about what car parts can be scrapped and how much they are worth. Today, we’re going to look at whether […]

What Is Involved in a Weigh and Pay Scrap Metal Service?

If you have a large quantity of scrap metal and don’t have a great way of transporting it yourself to a recycling facility and waiting to get paid, then you’ll want to read more about Weigh & Pay, a unique hassle-free service offered by Scrap It. How Does the Weigh & Pay Service Work? We […]