Can You Scrap a Truck Like a Car? Your Questions Answered

In most cases, selling a truck for scrap is very similar to scrapping a car. That means for the most part, you can follow our easy 3-step guide to selling your car for scrap. In other words:

  1. Leave your vehicle intact. Don’t strip your truck before bringing it to our facility if you want to get top dollar for every part!
  2. Bring appropriate proof of ownership. Depending on your vehicle’s year, you either need a title and ID or just an ID to get paid.
  3. Call for service. If you are within towing radius of our Keene, NH facility, simply call us for pickup. We’ll take care of your truck and pay you in full! However, there are a few questions you should consider if you are planning to sell your truck for scrap and get paid.


While pickup trucks are similar to passenger vehicles, other types of trucks may not need to be sold to a scrap metal facility. For example, tractor trailers last a long time, and even at the end of their life cycle, it may be better to take them to a used auto body facility instead.

Give us a call so we can discuss the best options for your specific truck type and provide recommendations for your next steps.


If you are within a 20-mile radius of our Keene, New Hampshire facility, we offer a free pickup service on our flatbed truck. If you are outside this radius, we may still be able to tow your vehicle, but you may be charged an additional pickup charge.

You also have the option to drive your truck to our New Hampshire facility if it still runs. Some scrap metal facilities require you to drain your vehicle completely before bringing it in, but we are an NH-DES certified automotive recycler. This designation means we are equipped to conduct an environmentally friendly process to properly drain and dispose of all fluids and hazardous items.


Pickup trucks and other trucks used as personal vehicles can come in many varied sizes. Our facility also accepts dump trucks, large equipment, and other oversized or overweight vehicles.

However, if your vehicle is larger than our flatbed truck, we are unable to provide our free pickup service. We may be able to arrange transportation to our facility for additional charges, or you can drive your vehicle to our facility as we described above.

Your best option is to call us directly to check if we can accommodate your vehicle and what your next steps are otherwise.


Your vehicle likely has information about its gross vehicle weight. However, when you sell your truck for scrap, you primarily get paid for the recyclable metallic components. The weight of the non-metallic components is factored into your vehicle’s gross vehicle weight, but because they are not recyclable, they don’t have value.

As a result, your receipt may show deductions for the non-metallic components. Your Scrap It experts can explain any of these deductions in more detail to reassure you that you are getting paid for the full value of your truck’s scrap metal parts.

All this information really boils down to one simple recommendation: call us! Contacting us directly is the best way to prepare to get paid for scrapping your truck.

If you have further questions about our scrapping service, or if you are ready to sell your truck for scrap and get paid, call our New Hampshire facility at 603-355-1300. We look forward to hearing from you!