How Much Will I Get for My Scrap Metal?

Whether you’re a homeowner doing renovations or a professional working on a construction project, you’ll likely end up with a scrap metal collection. Copper wiring from the walls, steel from old sinks, and aluminum parts from household appliances can all be scrapped at Scrap It. How much you’ll get for your scrap metal depends on several factors.

What is scrap metal?

Scrap metal is separated into two categories: ferrous and non-ferrous. Why is this important? Because one of the things that determine the price is the type of metal you’re bringing in. In general, non-ferrous scrap metal is worth more than ferrous. 

  • Ferrous: This is materials like iron, stainless steel, and cast iron. You can easily tell which scraps are ferrous because they’re magnetic. Some examples include:
    • Light Iron
    • Cast Iron
    • #1 HMS Steel
    • Torchables
    • Rotors & Drums

Each non-ferrous metal is broken down further into two sub-categories:

  • Primary grade: Pure aluminum, copper tubing, or bare copper wires are primary grade metals. They don’t have contaminants in them and are easier for Scrap It to process. You’ll get a higher price for these than secondary-grade scraps.
  • Secondary grade: Secondary grade scraps often have a coating or other metals mixed in. As a result, these types of scraps are less valuable than primary-grade metals.

How much is scrap metal worth?

The price of scrap metal is related to the value of the dollar. So, when there’s inflation, the metals go for a higher price. Since the market price changes all the time, it’s hard to say what a pile of scrap will get you from day to day. However, you can call Scrap It at any time to get the most up to date pricing on materials.

Global demand also affects the price of scrap metals. Things like war or sanctions on a certain country that exports a large amount of a particular metal can send the cost of that metal skyrocketing. We stay up to date on the current market at Scrap It to give you the best price possible for your scraps.

Scrape it before you scrap it

Since all scrap metal needs to be processed, the seller (that’s you) may need to clean some of your scraps up before sending them over to us. The recovery process can change the price of the metal. Since copper is valuable, more so than ferrous metals, you’ll want to make sure the copper is clean and separated from other scraps. You can read more about recycling copper here.

Getting your scrap to Scrap It

Do you have a ton of non-ferrous scrap metal to dispose of, but it won’t all fit in your car or truck? There are several ways to dispose of the material:

  1. Come see us: Bring your scrap to one of our yards (we have three different locations) and we’ll weigh it and pay you.
  2. Weigh & Pay service: We’ll stop by your place in special trucks with built-in scales, weigh your scraps, and pay you.
  3. Roll Off service: Our roll-off container service will collect and transport your scrap metal. We have containers of various sizes, plus we do pick-ups and drop-offs on nights and weekends.
  4. Live load: In a hurry? Got a job with serious time constraints? Our live load service will show up at your location to provide you with whatever help you need. We have tractors, and an assortment of trucks and trailers.

At Scrap It, we’re prepared to help you unload your pile of scrap metals. The best way to know what price you’ll get for your scraps is to give us a call on the day of collection. We’ll give you the current market prices, so you know you’re getting the best deal.

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