Can You Scrap Your Brake Rotors, and How Much Are They Worth?

Scrapping is a great way to turn unwanted metals into dollars in your pocket. At Scrap It, we help people turn their metal into money.

As we work with new clients, we often receive questions about what car parts can be scrapped and how much they are worth. Today, we’re going to look at whether or not you can scrap your brake rotors and how much you can get for them.

What Are Brake Rotors?

Brake rotors are the metal circular discs that bolt onto the wheels of your vehicle. In newer vehicles, you will find one on each wheel, but in older cars, you will often find them only on the front.

When braking, you press down on the brake pedal, sending a signal through the brake mechanism to your brake calipers, squeezing your brake pads against the brake rotors’ large, smooth surface. The friction created between the pads and the rotors slows the vehicle and will soon bring the car to a stop.

Most brake pads are made of steel, a ferrous (or magnetic) material, while other high-end cars make theirs out of ceramic or carbon fiber. Over time, brake rotors wear down from the constant rubbing and heat brake pads create, and they need to be replaced.

When Would You Scrap a Brake Rotor?

Brake rotors wear out at different intervals depending on the vehicle, but the average life expectancy of a quality set of rotors should be around 30,000 to 70,000 miles. Tell-tale signs that your brake rotors are worn out include the following:

  • If you hear a high-pitched squeal when applying the brakes.
  • If you feel jerking or harsh vibrations in the steering wheel when braking.
  • If you see gouges or waviness in the metal on the brake rotors.
  • If any part of the brake rotors has broken off or is deeply rusted.

In the past, rotors were made to be milled down to stay within the required safety margins, but nowadays, most mechanics will replace them with new rotors due to the high cost of labor. Whether you are a mechanic or a dealership owner, make sure you don’t throw this valuable metal away.

Can You Scrap Your Brake Rotors?

If you’re wondering if you can scrap brake rotors, the answer is yes. Brake rotors can be scrapped if made of steel, which is the case with most cars on the road. Some high-performance vehicles will have brake rotors made of carbon fiber, ceramic, or a mix of the two. In this case, these rotors, unfortunately, cannot be scrapped.

There are a few key things to know before you bring your rotors in to be scrapped:

  • They can be scrapped in almost any condition.
  • You don’t need to bring in any of the packaging.
  • They will need to dry and be free of any oils, fuel, or solvents.
  • You can bring in a single steel brake rotor or several hundred to be scrapped.
  • You can scrap both foreign and domestic vehicle rotors and commercial or passenger vehicle rotors.

What Are Brake Rotors Worth?

Because brake rotors are made from steel, they fall under the category of #1 Prepared Steel. #1 Prepared Steel is steel over a quarter inch thick, with no dimensions longer than 5 feet by 3 feet. #1 Prepared Steel has a highly fluctuating resale value and can change daily. The current national average for this metal is around .09 cents per pound. With the weight of some rotors coming in at over 60 pounds each, this can be a great financial benefit to offset the cost of changing your rotors or contribute to the revenue of your auto shop.

To know the current value of your brake rotors, be sure to check with our team for an estimate.

Why Scrap Your Rotors?

Scrapping your rotors can have several benefits compared to throwing them in the trash. The simple fact you will be putting money in your pocket instead of adding waste to a landfill is a great benefit alone.

Recycled rotors also offer an excellent alternative to businesses needing to purchase newly mined metals. When the metal is recycled, it is thoroughly sorted, cleaned, melted down, and sold to be made into new products. This process feeds not only the auto industry but many other industries and reduces the environmental impacts of mining new metals.

Scrap It Will Take Your Unwanted Rotors!

All our Scrap It automotive recycling facilities in Everett, MA; Worcester, MA; or Marlborough, NH are fully licensed and employ scrap metal professionals to purchase your unwanted brake rotors! Just bring down your brake rotor to one of our facilities, and we will pay you cash on the spot.

For heavier tonnage, we offer our weigh & pay service, where you can schedule a pickup of your scrap. Remember, your rotors can be in any condition, we just ask you to bring them in free of any contaminants!