Do Junkyards Typically Buy Cars?

If you’ve ever found yourself with an old car that no longer runs, then you might consider sending it to a junkyard. But how much will you get for it? Also, what happens if there is still a lien on the car? We’ll address all your questions about sending that old car to a junkyard in this post.

How much will I get for my car?

When you decide to scrap a car, you will get money for the scrap metal. How much depends on several factors, such as the current market prices for scrap metals and whether parts of the cars can be salvaged and resold. Give Scrap It a call and we can give you the current market prices for scrap metal.

Clunker or running car?

For a clunker, you’re probably better off sending it to the junkyard. After all, if it is going to cost more to fix the car than it is worth, salvaging it frees up space in your garage or yard, but you’ll also get some cash for it.

If your car is running, you should consider selling it as a used vehicle instead of salvaging it. Someone who buys a working car will drive it, which adds value to the car. Yes, it’s somewhat of an intangible value, but getting from point A to point B is worth more than the material parts of the car. A junkyard simply compensates you for the metal the car is made of.

What happens to my car at a junkyard?

When you bring your car to our junkyard, we’ll have to process and disassemble it. Since Scrap It deals with scrap metals, we’re interested in that, not other components (like the seats, floor mats, or carpet). So, the price we quote you depends on what we can recover from the car and the disassembly process.

The first thing a junkyard will do is get rid of all the fluids in the car, such as the coolant, fuel, oil, etc. Then, the car can be safely disassembled. Next, the gas tank, tire, and battery are all removed. Sometimes, the gas tank will count as scrap metal, and you can get some cash from it. The third step is stripping the car of all the interior parts, such as the seats, windows, and electronics. Finally, the metal body and frame of the car are crushed and recycled.

Some people choose to take certain parts out of the car first and resell them online (for example, the car radio). Other times, people simply want to get rid of their clunker, and we’re happy to haul it away for them!

Liens and titles

A junkyard cannot buy a car that carries a lien. You could look around to see if a state-licensed dealership will buy it, but most dealers aren’t interested in a junk car that doesn’t run. If your car has been totaled and is written off as a loss on your car insurance, the insurance company would cover some or all of the cost of the vehicle. You would then pay off the amount you still owe (if there is a leftover balance after the insurance payment). It’s always a good idea to purchase gap insurance because it will pay off this remaining balance. Once your totaled car is paid off, you can send it off to a junkyard.

Scrap It will take your junk car!

Scrap It’s Marlborough, NH automotive recycling facility is fully licensed and state-compliant, and we’ll take your unwanted junk vehicles! We’re more than happy to come and remove your clunker with our fast and reliable pickup service. We’ll pick up your clunker for free if you’re within 20 miles of us. Outside of this 20-mile radius, you can drop off the car, or we’ll pick it up for a fee.

For clunkers before 2000, we’ll take them without a title. Anything newer, and you’ll have to have a title before we can accept it. Get paid for recycling your vehicle today! Give us a call at 603-355-1300 and we’ll set up a time to take your junk car off your hands.